Beware of Rubik's Cube 360 Fakes

The Rubik's Cube 360 is not to be released until mid July. However there are reports that the product is showing up on sites such as Ebay that are selling for a much lower price than what the new Rubiks Cube 360 is supposed to sell for. It is pretty obvious that these are counter fit products and not the actual product. I would advise buying anything from Ebay until the official release of the product on July 15th. I would also be suspicious of anyone selling the product at a highly discounted price as it has a high propability of being counterfeit. I know we are all anxious to have this new toy in our hands so we can spend relentlous hours frustraiting ourselves. Hold off that urge for just a little longer so you end up with the actual Rubiks Cube 360 and not a fake.

I must say that I am tempted to buy one of these fake versions so that I can compare it to the real thing when it comes out next week. That way I can write about the differences and post it here on my blog all you others that are interested in getting a Rubiks Cube 360 can make an informed buying decision. I'll be sure to keep you all up to date. I don't know about you but I can't wait to get my hands on this little baby.

What Is The Rubik's Cube 360?

I found this YouTube clip of an actual Rubik's Cube 360 that is supposed to be released July 15th in the UK and soon to follow in the US. This thing looks really cool and I can't wait to buy one. Analysts are skeptical that the Rubik's cube 360 can repeat the success of the orginal Cube that was released in the 80s. I also find it interesting that the release date is in July and not Decemeber during the holiday season. I'll post more info about the Rubik's Cube 360 whenever I come across something.

When Is the New Rubiks Cube 360 Being Released?

Rubiks Cube 360 is the brain child of the creator of the orginal Rubiks cube, which turned out to be the greatest and fastest selling toy. The original Rubiks cube sold more than 350 million when it came to market in 1980. Consumers got their first glimpse of this hot new toy in across the pond in Germany a few months ago at a toy fair and the response was very positive. The Hungarian inventor has been un able to repeat the success of his first Rubics cube. A few years ago he came out with a digital version of his cube but it never became popular with the mass public. This time the addicting Rubics cube 360 is spherical and the object is to get the small colored balls into their home. Yes, you will stay up nights trying to beat this little toy. Now, the question everyone is asking. When can I get my hands on the Rubik's Cube 360? The hot new toy is set to be released on July 15 in the UK. There are no specific dates for the United States at this point but it should not be too much longer after the UK release. Most think the new Rubiks Cube 360 will be realeased at the end of July and the latest first of August. Right now the Item can be pre-ordered at Amazon.

New Rubik's Cube 360 A Hit Or A Flop?

The Rubik’s Cube 360 could be the hottest game of 2009. The often-shy Hungarian inventor has come out of the wood work to release this new puzzle game. He is hoping to match the success of the original Rubiks cube that sold over 350 million cubes, which was released, in the early 1980s.

The game is made up of clear spheres that are inside each other. The object of the game is to get the 6 different colored ball into corresponding holes. The challenge comes in when you try to keep certain balls in their holes while trying to adjust the cube 360 to get the other balls into their home. Just like the original Rubics cube there is only one solution to the game. The main difference between the Rubiks Cube 360 and the older version is that the 360 does not require any mathematics to solve the puzzle. Instead the Rubiks Cube 360 relies more on physics and patience.

Quick Rubiks Cube 360 Tips

I suggest to work at placing one colored ball and a time and then work on weight and balance on the other side of the 360.

Practice a lot!

I’ve seen the Rubiks Cube 360 solved in almost 10 seconds. It will have a hard time taking over the purist crowd especially those into speed cubing. Ultimately, only time will tell if the Rubiks Cube 360 has the staying power of the original.

This is not the first time the Hungarian inventor has tried to duplicate his success with other products. A while back he released a modernized version of the cube, which was call the Rubik’s Revolution but was not received and sales fell flat.